FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Jeremy Irons Online:

Q: Is this Jeremy Irons’s Official Site that he runs?

A: No, this site is not endorsed by Jeremy Irons, and he does not run it. It is a fan-created site, and Jeremy Irons is not in contact with us. Read our disclaimer.

Q: How can I get in contact with Jeremy Irons?  Will you please forward this letter/email to Jeremy for me?

A: I’m sorry, we don’t have Jeremy’s email address and cannot forward mail to him. Visit our ‘Write to Jeremy‘ page for information.

Q: Do you make money from this website?

A: No, this website is strictly a fan site and non-profit. In the future, we may have a “donate to this site” page to help cover the costs of running the site, but for now, it is paid for by the site Administrator.

Q: Does Jeremy visit this website?

A: We don’t know for sure, but we’d like to think he does.

Q: Does Jeremy post on the forum?

A: More than likely, no, he does not. If he does, we sure don’t know about it. He hasn’t made himself known to us on the forum.

Q: Where does Jeremy live?

A: Jeremy has homes throughout the UK (in West Cork and Dublin, Ireland and in Oxfordshire and London, England).

Q: Do you have Jeremy’s addresses for any of his residences?

A: Uh, no! And we would never give them out to the public if we did. We respect Jeremy’s privacy always.

Q: Will you please upload the following videos to YouTube for me?

A: If we had all the time in the world we would love to upload your requested videos, but we don’t. We have a YouTube group and a YouTube Channel with snippets of interviews and various clips, but we cannot upload complete films due to copyright laws.

Q: Does Jeremy have his own Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts?

A: Not likely. But we do have a Facebook Page and a Twitter page for our Jeremy Irons Online site.

Q: Why don’t you post photos of Jeremy Irons “out and about” on the streets or in restaurants (paparazzi-style photos)?

A: Jeremy Irons’ privacy is our priority on this website. We try to avoid posting any photos that were taken while Jeremy was unaware he was being photographed or photos that Jeremy is not posing for (ie: photos of Jeremy sitting in a restaurant eating, family vacation photos, photos of Jeremy just minding his own business walking down the street in a “non-event” situation or walking his dogs, etc.).  Although you may find these photos around the web, you will not find them here.

Q: Why don’t you post tabloid write-ups about Jeremy Irons?

A: Again, Jeremy Irons’ privacy is our priority on this website. We will not post any gossip or trash-talk tabloid articles about Jeremy here.

Q: Why do you put watermarks on some photos and screen captures?

A: We put watermarks on photos that we have paid for memberships with various photo sites and on photos that we have altered (enlarged). We do this because it costs us money to access these photos​,​ and the time it takes to alter the images. We add watermarks to our screen captures because it takes us many days to create these, it’s a lot of work​,​ and we’ve also had to purchase expensive software for making and editing them. In the past, we’ve had problems with other Jeremy sites and blogs using our screen captures and altered or paid for images as if they created or purchased them. This is really not fair to us, so we should protect our work and our investments.

Q: Can I use your photos, screen captures and sound clips on my site or blog?

A: This depends on what you are using them for. If it is for personal use, sure, please enjoy them. If you own a Jeremy site or blog, please ask permission from us before you use our materials and please credit our site. If you alter any of our materials and use them for icons, etc., please credit Jeremy Irons Online. We work hard to bring you all these wonderful things, so please give credit where credit is due.