Paparazzi Free

Why we are paparazzi free

I love seeing new photos of Jeremy Irons, but there are some photos that just cross the line and fall into the paparazzi category. You can dress it up and call them “candids,” but ultimately they are paparazzi photos and they intrude on the privacy of celebrities. Frankly, I’m appalled at the decision of some sites to post such private and intrusive photos of Jeremy and his family (especially fan sites). When fan sites begin to resemble tabloid magazines, something is definitely wrong.

As one of Jeremy’s biggest admirers, I’ve grown to respect his deep sense of privacy and his desire to have a life outside the media. Most fans of Jeremy’s know that he is a very private person and he values his family and time away from the spotlight.

Do you think Jeremy would appreciate seeing photos like these on a website specifically dedicated to his work? I doubt it. The bottom line is that any photos taken of Jeremy and his family outside of events or on sets and location are considered tabloid photos.

What about set and event photos and videos?

Photos or videos of Jeremy arriving at or leaving events and on the set or location of films are fine – he is expecting the media and fans to be there. Videos of Jeremy signing autographs and conversing with fans are okay, so long as Jeremy seems happy enough and not bothered by the cameras. If he looks like he doesn’t want his photo or video taken, we won’t post it. But photos taken by paparazzi following him around cities and in airports are just an intrusion of his privacy.

As a celebrity, doesn’t Jeremy expect that paparazzi will follow him around and take photos and video of him?

I’m sure he does expect it. Does he like it? Does he approve of it? What do you think? Take a look at some of the photos you’ve seen of him that were clearly taken while he was minding his own business on the streets or in shops. Does he look excited to have someone stalking him, taking his photo? Not likely. It’s a matter of respect to Jeremy and his family.

We hope the fans will respect Jeremy and our decision to exclude these photos and videos from our site. We still have many photos in our gallery, which is by far the largest collection of Jeremy Irons photos available in one place on the web.

Thank you for your understanding.